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The bellows slowly evolved into different shapes

The bellows has a greater cost advantage than the coiled fusion pipe, and the production efficiency is higher than that of the coiled pipe.

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Manufacturing process of metal bellows tube blank

The manufacture of metal bellows is based on the selection of raw materials, through the main process steps of tube blank manufacturing, bellows forming, shapin...

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Design and application of bellows expansion joint

The bellows expansion joint is a telescopic function composed of metal bellows and components. It can compensate the thermal deformation, mechanical deformation...

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Steel bellows help improve urban shackles

At present, the application of steel bellows has been gradually extended from the initial highway culvert to highways, municipal roads, railways, bridges, agric...

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How to identify the quality of the bellows

The bellows has good plasticity, facilitates the processing of the stainless steel bellows, and can obtain sufficient hardness and strength through subsequent t...

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