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Steel bellows help improve urban shackles

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 At present, the application of steel bellows has been gradually extended from the initial highway culvert to highways, municipal roads, railways, bridges, agriculture, ports, airports, municipal pipelines, industrial, commercial buildings, residential buildings, mines, old infrastructure restoration, New energy and military. According to statistics from relevant US agencies, in recent years, steel corrugated pipes accounted for more than 30% of the US large-diameter pipeline market, and annual sales of American corrugated steel pipes reached US$15 billion. In addition, East Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea have also used bellows since the end of the 20th century.

      Steel corrugated pipe has many advantages in engineering application, such as high structural strength, 1 to 3 times the strength of reinforced concrete; long service life, up to 100 years; light weight, convenient construction, weight only cement products 10 %~20%, and the civil engineering and pipe body assembly can be carried out separately and at the same time, the construction period is short, the construction period can be shortened by half; the axial direction is flexible, which can be applied to areas with complex geological conditions and relatively serious settlement; in areas with poor construction conditions Or under special geological conditions, the actual cost of the project is lower than that of reinforced concrete bridges and culverts of the same span; almost no maintenance, low operating and maintenance costs; centralized production at the factory, free from environmental impact, is conducive to cost and quality control; Easy installation on site, no need to use large equipment; environmentally friendly and low carbon, reduce or simply abandon the use of conventional building materials, such as cement, yellow sand, stone, wood, is conducive to environmental protection.